Throughout the self-serve laundry industry, store owners are constantly looking for was to deal with three tough issues: rising energy costs, the need to go green and how to provide the cleanest wash environment for customers.

What if there was ONE solution to all three of these problems?

Now there is! The San-O3-wash by Aquawing is an innovative new system that uses a perfect amount of ozone in every wash cycle, giving store owners (and their customers) peace of mind, knowing that their washers have been completely sanitized! Adding ozone to the wash allows the use of lower-temperature water (if desired) in a hot cycle; which will substantially lower utility bills, reduce the carbon footprint of the store, and reduce the wear on fabrics!

Why the SanO3wash?

  • Sanitizes the washer during EVERY cycle by utilizing at least two ozonated fills per wash load
  • Reduces the store's utility bills (and carbon footprint); by using less heated water
  • Provides a better wash than one with non-ozonated water; fabrics experience less wear, and come out brighter and cleaner
  • Fabrics washed in ozonated water retain less moisture, allowing for a reduced drying time
  • Rack-mounted systems available for utility room installation; capacities will vary by store and washer models
  • The entire SanO3wash system is factory assembled, wired, and tested for quick and easy installation and start-up

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Why Choose Aquawing?

All laundry ozone systems are not created equal. Aquawing stands apart as the premier system backed by years of research and development, independent testing and proven results.
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