Aquawing Variable Ozone Injection System

The patented Aquawing laundry ozone system allows for precise and automatic control over the amount of ozone injected into the laundry process. Total control over ozone amounts is critical in order to achieve a high microbe kill rate, superior efficiency and a superior cleaning. Patented variable ozone allows the Aquawing ozone laundry system to maintain a consistent level of ozone in each washer. This system takes readings from each washer 60 times per second and automatically adjusts ozone levels depending on the demand in each wash. More heavily soiled laundry receives more ozone than lightly soiled laundry for maximum cleaning.

Water, Hot Water & Natural Gas Savings:

Because the Aquawing system works best in cold water, it can effectively cut water usage by 20-50 percent! It eliminates or dramatically reduces hot water usage and natural gas for heating the water by 85+% while significantly cutting wastewater and sewage. Any wastewater that is produced is much cleaner, containing fewer contaminants than traditional wash processes.

Boost Laundry Productivity:

Using the Aquawing system, laundries boost laundry productivity by shortening or eliminating rinses during the wash process. In addition, the system effectively shortens dry-time by up to 20 percent - improving laundry production and increasing linen life!

Eliminate Super Bugs

The Aquawing System is the only system on the market that's clinically proven by two independent laboratories to eliminate more than 99 percent of super bugs in the wash with use of patented Interfusor. Super bugs are bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them. As a result, the system helps prevent the spread of infections caused by super-bug bacteria and many harmful viruses, including but not limited to Hepatitis, C.diff, aspergillus niger, HIV and MRSA. While chorine bleach can only be utilized in one step of the wash cycle, ozone's oxidation power is utilized whenever water is present. It is a powerful and natural biocide - destroying bacteria, deactivating viruses and controlling odors.

Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

The Aquawing ozone system can reduce a laundry's carbon footprint by as much as 75 percent - helping our environment! A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change, according to For example, it relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced through burning fossil fuels for electricity and heating. A laundry's carbon footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gases it produces.

Installation is Simple

Aquawing is an infuser system that automatically injects the correct amount of ozone into the washer sump. The system features a 25 x 22-inch footprint and can sit on the floor or be mounted to a wall under normal conditions. Installation takes about 15 minutes per washer and does not require special plumbing or electrical configurations.

Return on Investment

What's remarkable about the Aquawing system are the results. Not only do laundries gain productivity using less hot water, water, gas and potential chemical savings, they cut utility costs, extend linen and laundry equipment life, eliminate super bugs, and improve wash quality! In most cases, laundry operations see a return on investment of less than two years and as short as 3 months! Rental programs allow for positive cash flow from day one.

Ozone Room Sensor

The Aquawing laundry ozone system is equipped with an ozone room sensor. This sensor monitors the ozone levels in the room and shuts down the ozone equipment if OSHA recommended levels are approached with audible alarm (see the safety tab for more information), but leaves all other laundry equipment fully functional.

Free Trial & Savings Analysis

Not only does Aquawing provide a detailed energy/water analysis of savings prior to system installation, the company installs the system and allows clients to see real, measured results before committing to purchase!

Why Choose Aquawing?

All laundry ozone systems are not created equal. Aquawing stands apart as the premier system backed by years of research and development, independent testing and proven results.
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