Correctional laundry facilities can save markedly on water and gas consumption and resulting costs by installing Aquawing ozone systems.

Missouri Correctional Facilities

Missouri expects to save $1.2 million per year in natural gas, water and sewer costs simply by improving energy-efficiency at 15 correctional facilities statewide. During 2007, Aquawing ozone systems were added to each facility's on-premise laundry as part of Gov. Blunt's directive to pursue areas of energy conservation. The savings are staggering, according to Tom Schmidt, director, Energy Management Office, Missouri Administration Facilities Management, Design and Construction.

"There's a tremendous amount of energy involved in laundry processes," says Schmidt. By adding ozone technology to its on-premise laundries, Missouri's corrections industry saves energy, improves wash quality and ensures a superior microbe kill rate, according to Schmidt. Moreover, the state is expected to realize an average return on that investment within 14 months, according to Bill Kimmel, president at RJ Kool Co., in N. Kansas City, Mo. A distributor of laundry and drycleaning products, RJ Kool piloted, sold and installed the Aquawing ozone systems statewide. "The majority of the prisons will achieve a full return on investment in under 12 months," says Kimmel. "Some will take as long as two years." read full story

Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Concerned with a quality wash using less labor, gas and water, a growing number of hotels are adding ozone systems to their laundry process.

Hospital and nursing home laundries handle hundreds of pounds of linens daily, and in doing so, must properly launder sheets, towels, bed pads, gowns and much more - Because sanitation is a primary concern, more and more health care facilities are installing Aquawing ozone systems - systems clinically proven to eliminate 99 percent of the super bugs in the wash!

Oakdale Nursing Home - W. Boylston, MA

"We've been able to stretch our propane for our hot water from five days to ten and it's saving us probably half on our propane bill."
- Ray Kelley, Oakdale Nursing Home, Director of Equipment & Maintenance

"I'm very satisfied with the ozone, it amazes me because I've had so many people over the years tell me that they're going to do wonders for my laundry and they're going to make it cheaper and they're going to make it better and they're going to make it whiter, but this was the fist thing I've ever seen that actually did make it cheaper, better and whiter."
- Ray Kelley, Oakdale Nursing Home, Director of Equipment & Maintenance

Holden Nursing Home - Holden, MA

"I'd recommend the system to anyone, and I'd welcome them to come over to my facility take a look at it. Give me a phone call; I'm more than willing to help out with anything. We're very happy with it: the administrator is happy with it, the nursing is happier with it, the whole facility is happy."
- Jack McAuliffe, Holden Nursing Home, Director Environmental Services

Christopher House - Worcester, MA

"I'd recommend it because I feel bad for my colleagues, and they all have the same problem I do is with financing, and this is a way, which is a no-brainer to me, that you can save some money and get good result and then you have some extra money to give to your staff or to do other things in your facility."
- Walter Ohanian, Christopher House, Administrator

"With the Aquawing ozone system we have been able to reduce our hot water temperature; right now its 57 degrees and normally you'd be washing laundry between 140 to160. The gas company and the electric company both have called and they wanted to check our meters because they thought the meters were broken and after reviewing the meters outdoors they found the meters were working fine, so they asked me if I have done something differently and I did, I told them that we've shut of two of our hot water tanks and those are 250 gallon hot water tanks, so right now we're running on 500 gallons of hot water versus a 1,000 that we used in the past."
- Walter Ohanian, Christopher House, Administrator

Wingate at West Springfield - W. Springfield, MA

Formerly called Riverdale Gardens

"I can't say enough for service, I mean, the people from Daniels have every time I have called and mentioned a concern or a problem someone has either called immediately or they've come, and as important as that is the people from Daniels have always been very polite when they get here, and they just want us to be happy that is very important for us."
- John Trocchi, Riverdale Gardens, Director Environmental Services

Hotels & Motels

Equinox Hotel, Manchester Village, VT

"- the (Aquawing) ozone generating equipment (at the Equinox Hotel in Manchester Village, VT) has saved the laundry five percent on chemical costs and 80 percent on fuel costs, in addition to reducing hot water usage for the facility."
- Laundry Today, Jan. 2008

Facility Benefts

  • Cut water usage by 30-50 percent
  • Eliminate or dramatically slash hot water usage and resulting natural gas consumption
  • Produce less wastewater and sewage (any wastewater produced is non-toxic with a higher oxygen content)
  • Use fewer chemicals (detergents, bleach and softeners)
  • Bolster productivity (shortens dry-time by up to 20 percent and can eliminate/shorten rinses and baths)
  • Eradicate 99.999 percent of the super bugs C.diff, MRSA (staph) and aspergillus niger and more in the wash
  • Reduce carbon footprint by up to 75 percent
  • Realize a quick return on investment

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