Go Green with Aquawing

The Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry System brings even the most antiquated wash process to the pinnacle of environmental friendliness, leaving facilities with a more efficient and responsible laundry system.

Lightening the Impact, Enjoying the Savings

Save as much as 35% or more on total water

Ozone activates the wash water allowing it to be more efficient and thereby using less total water. Facilities use less while enjoying the savings on their water and sewer bills.

Reduce hot water as much as 85% or more

The Aquawing system allows users to wash in predominately cold water, which allows for drastic reduction in energy usage and equally as drastic reduction in energy bills.

Eliminating bacteria

Aquawing is the only clinically validated system guaranteed to kill over 99.999% of the superbugs MRSA (staph), C.diff and Aspergillus niger. The system also prevents HIV and all Hepatitis strains from surviving the wash process.

Reduce chemical waste

Ozone has the substantial ability to energize laundry chemicals. This allows chemistry to be more effective and more efficient, reducing the chance of excess chemicals from the wash finding their way into our environment.

  • Free Laundry Analysis

    Aquawing will perform a free laundry analysis of your site and a savings proforma will be created showing the fast payback of the Aquawing ozone system.     learn more

  • Validated Ozone Disinfection

    Don't believe everything you see. The Aquawing system is the only ozone system clinically validated to disinfect & kill the superbugs MRSA (Staph), C.diff and aspergillus niger.     learn more

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