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An important and common inquiry for any prospect of an ozone laundry system is the question of safety. Ozone systems can be operating in small rooms with laundry personnel in close proximity to the ozone generator(s). For this reason it is important to review the facts about ozone and the safety features of the Aquawing ozone laundry system.

There have been no fatalities ever linked to exposure to ozone anywhere in the world as a result of its generation and application. This incredible safety record of ozone is attributed largely to two major beneficially unique properties of the ozone gas: Ozone has a relatively short half-life when compared to other commonly used cleaning products like Chlorine Bleach, and it is easily detected by the human nose at levels safe for humans to breathe. Humans can detect the distinct odor of ozone at levels well before any occurring discomfort (0.02-0.04 ppm). These low levels of ozone are well below the current US FDA standard for indoor air.

People come in contact with low levels of ozone everyday. Photocopiers can produce ambient air concentration levels of 0.5 parts per million (ppm) and the air we breathe has naturally occurring ozone levels of 1.0 ppm in urbanized areas. In addition, for workers:

"The current long-term maximum permissible exposure level to ozone in air allowed by the Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is 0.1 ppm as a time-weighted average over eight hours, five days per week. The short-term exposure limit (STEL) is 0.3 ppm over a 15minute period, not to be repeated more than two times in any eight hour period. Ozone is not listed by the U.S. EPA as either a confirmed or suspected carcinogen."

The Aquawing system includes a room monitor with each system to measure and manage the ambient levels of the ozone. These monitors will discontinue ozone production if ambient levels reach 0.1ppm. As stated above from OSHA, this level is safe to work in 8 hours per day, five days per week.

As another safety feature each washing machine is equipped with an ozone monitor to manage ozone levels at each washing machine. This is designed to serve as a double-check system. A room monitoring device is recommended for a prospective buyer of any on-site ozone generating system. Despite the fact that no major laundry ozone incidents have been, it is wise to monitor ambient levels. Aquawing Systems have room monitors included in the price of the ozone equipment.

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