Aquawing is essential to any successful laundry operation. One of the abundant reasons for customer success is the drastic savings that an Aquawing ozone laundry system offers.

An Aquawing ozone laundry system dramatically cuts utility and labor costs largely thanks to its ability to process laundry with mostly cold water and its ability to cut cycle times. Combined with proper use and good practices, savings can be as high as the following:

  • Labor: The Aquawing ozone system activates water and relaxes linens. The weave of relaxed linen is more open and allows the wash action of the washer to be more effective. Because of this increase in efficiency less overall time is required to wash linen. Furthermore, these relaxed linens retain less moisture and are able to be dried in less time.
  • Electricity: A facility operating using other energy sources will typically see savings as high as 15% due to the decrease in wash and dry times as previously explained. Electricity savings will be up to 80% higher for those facilities using electric dryers and/or electric water heaters.
  • Linen: Not only is the quality of the wash product greatly enhanced with an Aquawing ozone system, but linen life is extended 20+ percent as well. Shortening wash and dry times greatly reduces wear on garments leaving them whiter, brighter and softer while leaving them with a natural, fresh scent.
  • Total Water: Total water is reduced because ozone as a catalyst in cold water works to relax the weave of fabrics and activates the water. These two factors allow the wash process to be more efficient and require less overall water. In fact, the colder the water the better Ozone works. Aquawing has multiple installations washing in 100% cold water
  • Hot water and Gas: Ozone works best in cold water. This is where facilities see some of their largest savings. Because ozone works best in cold water, hot water (and the gas to heat that water) consumption can be drastically reduced. We typically see hot water reductions as high 85%, which , with energy bills back on the rise, equates into a lot savings on energy usage as well as being more environmentally friendly. Hot water cannot be eliminated, however, without sacrificing wash quality. The Aquawing engineers and chemists have been working for over a decade on perfecting ozone wash chemistry and the simple fact is that one step of 100-110 degree fahrenheit water is required to aid the bleach in whitening the product.
  • Free Laundry Analysis

    Aquawing will perform a free laundry analysis of your site and a savings proforma will be created showing the fast payback of the Aquawing ozone system.     learn more

  • Validated Ozone Disinfection

    Don't believe everything you see. The Aquawing system is the only ozone system clinically validated to disinfect & kill the superbugs MRSA (Staph), C.diff and aspergillus niger.     learn more

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